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MTS, Inc.   

Commercial Trucks for Commercial Needs…

Our principal has been in the commercial truck industry for more than 30 years and has dedicated his career to serving customers needs.  MTS, Inc. is the culmination of a dedicated group of individuals who are dedicated to the success of their customers.

As you speak with our knowledgeable sales people you may find them extremely helpful and informative.  MTS may assist you through intelligent question that you too may discover exactly what your needs are and how we may be able to serve you best.  Most dealerships sell what you see.  At MTS we sell you what you need.  Through this interview process we may better understand you needs and offer you solutions.  We can design and build the equipment which suits your business needs best.

We also employ dedicated people to assist you through the process of designing your personalized commercial vehicle.  As we come to solutions for your needs our team gets busy making the necessary arrangements to prepare your vehicle to your specifications.

At MTS we strive to meet your business needs, prepare the vehicle specifically designed for you and helping your company succeed.